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3 days ago
Henry's Absent Absinthe Verte

Another awesome video from Chris Penney featuring Henry's Absent Absinthe Verte!

Henry's Absent Absinthe Verte from Bier Distillery in Comstock Park, Michigan. Absinthe is historically described as distilled alcoholic beverage. It is an a...

6 days ago

Valentine's Day specials!

Grab a few of the last reservations for our Sneak Peak Menu event for the perfect evening!

Kentucky Kiss: Crescent Creek Bourbon, lemon, maple syrup, strawberries, ... See more

1 week ago

Get a sneak peak at our new menu with this special Valentine’s Day just for you. Limited availability and menu!

Free tickets because of limited availability through EventBrite + $30 per person at ... See more

1 week ago
Brillari AMARO Americano

Check out this awesome video courtesy of Chris Penney!

1 week ago

Don’t worry, there was no robbery involved!

1 week ago
9 Distilleries Crafting Fine Spirits In The U.S.

Thanks for the shout out Ezvid Wiki!

The US is more than just a great producer of craft beer and world-class wine: it's also, increasingly, a nation rich with distilleries making noteworthy small-batch spirits. Whether you like gin, ... See more

1 week ago

... and, the long-awaited surprise behind Door #1 ... In addition to performing alchemy in the distillery, we hope to make magic in the kitchen. More details and an official open date to come.

1 week ago

New view downstairs. Wonder what’s behind the double doors?

2 weeks ago

We need your help! We've posted a couple jobs but FB thinks that they violate their ad policy because they reference alcohol (they don't) and aren't only targeted to people 21+ (they don't allow age ... See more

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