Q. Do you make beer or do you make liquor? We make BOTH (and wine) at Bier Distillery! Bier is Dutch (we are Dutch) and German for beer. Quite literally whiskey is distilled beer. So we made a lot of beer and distill it into whiskey, but we also have beer available to drink.

Q. Do you have bourbon? No. Rye is better 😉. Seriously though, as a small distiller we can’t do everything since we make everything we sell grain to glass. There are also a ton of great bourbons, and a couple orders of magnitude fewer great ryes. We like creating unique great tasting products. Rye is distinctive, spicy, peppery, stands up for itself in a cocktail and we love it! And finally, bourbon is just a whiskey that happens to be 51%+ corn (bourbon is essentially Corn Whiskey). It’s been popular to make since prohibition (rye was #1 before that) mostly since corn is cheap and bourbon is a sexy word to say. You can treat yourself better!

Q. Is food available? Yes. Although we don’t have a kitchen and can’t cook you a hamburger, we do have a variety of small plates and appetizers.

Q. Does someone else make your beer, wine and liquor? All the alcohol for sale is made from scratch right on site in our production area.

Q. Do I need to make a reservation? Unless you would like to reserve our upstairs mezzanine area for a special group or event, no reservations are required.

Q. Do you offer tours? While we don’t offer regularly scheduled tours, if our staff has a free moment they would love to give you an impromptu tour and talk your ear off describing and showing how we make our beer, wine, and spirits. If you do want a private tour, contact us at Info@BierDistillery.com or give us a call at 616-888-9746 and we will arrange one for you.

Q. Do you fill growlers? Yes! And howlers.

Q. Do you make tequila? Tequila as in many other alcoholic beverages is a geographically protected product which means it can only be made in Mexico. Scotch can only be made in Scotland, Port can only be made in Portugal, and champagne can only be made in Champagne France. There are many more examples of this.

Q. What does the shape in your logo represent? Our logo is a stylized still inside the head of a whiskey barrel. If you mirror a couple lines at the bottom you get the shape of a pot, the vertical line represents the column, and the down angled line at the top represents the lyne arm or condenser.