Drinks you can try at home!


harpoonedheartHarpooned Heart

We put our heart into our vodka and we hope you can feel it. If we’re going to let anything cut through that, it might as well be a bit of tart cranberry. You don’t have to be in the city for vodka, cranberry, lime, and orange liqueur to taste oh so sweet.

calabazacreamCalabaza Cream

Who doesn’t love the word “calabaza”? Whether you pronounce that Z like you hail from Central America or throw it out like a Spaniard, it’s just cool. Throw some calabaza whiskey and calabaza creamer together for a truly excellent shooter. Make this one just so you can say the name out loud.


Like our spiced rum, obsidian is opaque and solid with a lot going on under the surface. Hello, tall, dark, and handsome! Combined with root beer, the ultimate super hero of the soda world, and you’ve got a dynamic duo in the making.

devilspunchDevil’s Punch

Give it the old one-two. We’re not ones to condone violence, so when you just can’t take the daily drag anymore, combine sweet orange and pineapple juice, grenadine, ginger ale, and our signature rum. It packs quite the punch.

Orchard Moon

Pick a moonlit autumn evening, grab a lawn chair, and park yourself between the apple bows. Throw some cider and some shine in a glass and kick back. This is Michigan, after all.

cutmaryCut Mary

Listen, we’d like to claim that this drink can make you cut. It does after all have a lot of veggies in it. But we’ve got to be realistic and admit the booze probably cancels that out. But if you want to try the Cut Mary cleanse, just combine tomato juice, a lot of great spices, and Heart Cut Vodka and throw in as many (healthy) toppings as you like. Warning: We’re pretty sure that bacon cheeseburger you had on the top of your last Mary did not count as healthy.

Forbidden Sunshine

In our fair state, sunlight can be a rare commodity. So when you’re feeling a bit of seasonal affective-ness, mix up this little drop of sunshine. A brilliant dude we know suggested we combine apple brandy, wheat beer, and apple cider, and boy was he right.

redeemingsourRedeeming Sour

Sour isn’t for everyone, but it totally wins us over when it’s combined with whiskey and wine. I’m mean, come on!

imaginedsoulImagined Soul

We’re really hoping you don’t have to imagine you have a soul, but if it’s been one of those days and you need all the fortification you can get, you can’t beat spicy rye to give you a kick start, a little ginger ale to sooth what ails you, and pop of lime to make sure you aren’t too sweet.

tomsmumTom’s Mum

Who is Tom’s Mum? We don’t really know. In fact, we’re not even sure who Tom is. But we’re pretty sure anyone’s mum would take a time out for gin and juice.